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ID 114620

Andrew Wright

Focusing on identifying and working with Technology based Startups, bringing Creativity with practicality, vision with experience. The best of both worlds

ID 64145

Chris Coughlan

Agile Business Analyst/Project Manager and Online Marketer. New to the startup scene. Founder of @spinlingo.

ID 739751

Cheng Lu

Founder & CEO of Raven Tech

ID 213469

Andrew Dudley

Founder Jungle Bird Foundation and TreeTAG

ID 89390

Gary Nichols

CEO of Atomicom, CEO of Playbox that I grew to 44 Employees with $1.7m turnover & $400k profit in 2009. Worked at Sony.

ID 210708

Adrian McEwen

CTO of @good-night-lamp, founder of @mcqn-ltd and @does-liverpool. Leading developer in bringing the Internet of Things to life.

ID 92749

Matt Litherland

I'm a passionate Web Designer, WordPress developer and Snowboard Fanatic! I'm also the founder of this little company @_goodstuff

ID 91269

Stelios Sbyrakis


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